Carl Reiner's Daughter Said Her Father Would Be 'Disappointed' To Not See Trump's 'Eviction' From The White House

Carl Reiner's Daughter Said Her Father Would Be 'Disappointed' To Not See Trump's 'Eviction' From The White House
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Annie, the daughter of the late Carl Reiner, came out to say that her father would be disappointed to know that he missed seeing Donald Trump's "eviction" from the White House. USA Today reported on Annie's comments today following her father's death this past Monday.

As it was previously reported, Carl, the star of The Dick Van Dyke Show , passed away at the age of 98. Judy Nagy, his assistant, released a statement to the Associated Press confirming that the Ocean's 11 alum passed away at his house in Beverly Hills, California.

His son, Rob Reiner, released a tweet in which he said that his father had died. "He was my guiding light," Rob wrote. In a tweet from Carl's account, the 71-year-old author said that her father would've loved to see Trump be pushed out of the Oval Office.

You can check out her tweet below:

Reportedly, Carl used Twitter a lot to slam Trump, describing him as a "fraud" and a "danger" to the health of the American democratic system. He was one of the actors who called out Trump for the separation of families at the US-Mexico border.

During an interview with USA Today this past May, Reiner claimed that many of his tweets get "thousands of responses," especially in relation to the president. Reiner claims that the president is "proud" of the fact he might be the worst person to ever have worked as the president.

As was noted above, Carl passed away this past Monday. His career in Hollywood expanded back several decades. Perhaps most notably and recent, Reiner appeared in the George Clooney-fronted movie, Ocean's 11 , in which he portrayed an older man disguised as a wealthy Eastern European.

Reiner's character is essential to the thieve's plot, who must get a satchel into the casino's special vault. Carl isn't the only notorious actor to pass away this year. The Evil Dead II star, Danny Hicks, also died after a battle with cancer.

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