Cardi B's Private Jet Had To Make An Emergency Landing - What Happened?

Cardi B's Private Jet Had To Make An Emergency Landing - What Happened?
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Cardi B was traveling back to NYC after a short stop in LA to see her baby, but it looks like things did not quite go as expected. The latest reports claim that her private jet had to make an emergency landing.

Cardi was only on the West Coast for seven hours before she hopped on a jet in order to get some work done in her home state.

She ended up landing in Chicago for an emergency, claim the latest reports coming from Hot New Hip Hop.

The singer was reportedly not in any danger, and there hasn't been any mechanical damage to the private plane. Cardi's life was not threatened even for a second.

HNHH notes that TMZ reported that the jet had to make a stop in Chi-Town because somebody who was also on board needed some medical assistance.

It's not clear at the moment who was sick, but it seems that they were reportedly not part of the singer's crew.

Cardi kept updating her Instagram story throughout the whole thing, and she was definitely pissed off.

'We had to do an emergency landing in Chicago,' Cardi said. 'Let me tell you something; I'm not taking no more fuc**ng jets, I don't give a fuck bro. These type of shits don't happen in fucking Delta.'

Cardi recently made headlines again after she decided that it's time to clap back at Ashanti's sister after she accused her of stealing designs for her Fashion Nova line.

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