Cardi B's Husband, Offset, Makes This Surprising Comment About Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith's Entanglement

Cardi B's Husband, Offset, Makes This Surprising Comment About Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith's Entanglement
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August Alsina's "entanglement" with Jada Pinkett Smith has the world talking and laughing. Many have been mocking Will Smith after he sat on Red Table Talk with his wife of 23 years, where she confirmed that she had an affair with August years ago.

The power couple said the relationship began during a period they had separated. 50 Cent and many others ridiculed Will, but Cardi B's husband, Offset, took to Instagram to say that the actor is strong and added: "Lol [everybody] on Will Smith not knowing he can hit all of you hoes (No Cap). "Don't shoot the messenger."

One fan said: "It's very hard not to believe considering Jada an Will have an open marriage they spoke about years ago. But I have never liked any man who kisses and tells their relationship out. I can understand the relationship you had with Jada could have touched you emotionally, but that was all of your business, not the world."

Another commenter claimed: "I think he should heal. I'm all for him healing periodt. Everybody knew what was up. And everyone should have been grown enough to also think about in the event it should come out then what? If your gonna be GROWN BE PREPARED."

This backer shared: "I hate anybody that cant control there emotions enough to keep their mouth close. He knew she was married. He also knew what he was stepping in. If he needs therapy after the situation goes, see one. But keep your mouth close about your affairs to the public. Control your emotions."

A fourth follower stated: "If telling his story helps him to heal then, keep talking August. Live in your truth. If it was just an ordinary couple, all of these people wouldn't be judging him but, because it is Will n Jada, it's a problem. @augustalsina take care of yourself and remember to always live in your truth, tomorrow ain't promised to anyone❤️"

This Instagrammer chimed in: "I get why you spoke your truth. However, the truth isn't always expedient. That's in the bible too. They have a family and chose to be one despite their adversities, and sometimes if you commit adultery, you have to count up the cost. Just because she didn't lose, and you did, did not give you the right to openly punish her by revealing things. I love your swag, but you could have kept that if you had any chance of getting her back, that's a wrap now."

Offset is holding an interesting position here.


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