Cardi B Worried ‘Dada’ Will Be Kulture’s First Word - She'd Feel ‘Very Betrayed’

Cardi B Worried ‘Dada’ Will Be Kulture’s First Word - She'd Feel ‘Very Betrayed’
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Amid her estrangement from hubby Offset, Cardi B is worried their baby girl Kulture will end up saying ‘dada’ as her first ever word! Here’s why that might actually happen!

The female rapper took to social media to share with her followers that she really doesn’t want the infant to 'betray' her by saying ‘dada’ first before she can say ‘mama,’ especially since she and Offset are still separated.

Cardi tweeted: ‘KK was watching Ric Flair drip on tv yesterday, and she said ‘Da’ …..If she says dada before mama imma feel very betrayed, 😒Henny got it on video too.’

The young mother has realized that it’s only a matter of time until the baby adds another ‘da’ and calls for her dad instead of her.

Meanwhile, Offset has been trying his best to bring his family back together.

One previous insider report claimed Offset would love nothing more than for them to reunite before the Grammys.

‘Offset is hoping to repair things with Cardi in time for the Grammys. He wants to be by her side for the big award show and feels that he deserves to be there with her too. He wants to walk the carpet with Cardi, sit with her during the show and be the first to hug and kiss her when her name gets called,’ one source told HollywoodLife.

The insider went on to say that Offset thinks a lot of her success this year was thanks to his producing behind the scenes and proudly feels like he helped her career a lot!

That being said, he believes that it would be a true shame if Cardi didn’t celebrate that night with him since her success was the result of their teamwork.

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