Cardi B Wore A Brogger Gurli Suit To Court — Her Hairstylist And Makeup Artist Talk The Look

Cardi B Wore A Brogger Gurli Suit To Court — Her Hairstylist And Makeup Artist Talk The Look
Credit: Source: Tresses x Sandrine/Instagram

A grand jury indicted Grammy-winner singer and rapper Cardi B on 12 charges regarding an attack that happened at a Queen strip club in August 2018. Earlier this week, she appeared in court regarding those charges. While in court on June 25, 2019, for her arraignment, Cardi B cut a striking figure. Though there were serious matters at hand, Cardi B didn't miss an opportunity to make a fashion statement and now her hairstylist and makeup artist are weighing in on how they prepared Cardi B for her court appearance.

Additionally, Cardi B wore a Brogger Gurli suit (available at Barneys New York) that is color-blocked navy blue and pink. Cardi B paired the outfit with a pink Hermes handbag and wore open-toed black shoes. The suit and slacks cost approximately 2,000 as stated on Barney's site.

Fans loved Cardi B's outfit as well as her hair and makeup. Photos of Cardi B attending court have gone viral and not just for the legal matters at hand. Many are praising her sleek-blue bob and flawless makeup a well.

You may see a photo of Cardi B as she made her way into the courtroom as shared by her makeup artist Erika LaPearl of La' Pearl Artistry below.

Tresses x Sandrine spoke out about Cardi B's electric-blue bob. Tresses x Sandrine customizes hairpieces and wigs and there's no question Cardi B is a top client.

While many people praised Cardi's suit, hair and makeup, there were some who felt that her suit jacket was too revealing for court as Cardi chose not to wear a blouse underneath it. Many felt that because of that she even disrespected the courtroom and the judge.

One person responded about Cardi's low cut top.

" Sorry, but I don’t care how much money you have. Court is court. Having ya bits out isn’t professional. I have the same respect for people who do this as much as the people who show up to court in sweat pants. Court is not a fashion show. "

What do you think about Cardi B's court outfit? Do you think it was appropriate to go before the judge in a low cut top? Is there such a thing as being too fashionable for a courtroom?

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