Cardi B Trying To Pull A 'Kylie Jenner?' - Wants To Have The Most Talked About Pregnancy!

Cardi B Trying To Pull A 'Kylie Jenner?' - Wants To Have The Most Talked About Pregnancy!
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Even though Cardi B has not yet confirmed her rumored pregnancy, we hear that she is planning to follow Kylie Jenner’s example and keep it under wraps until after giving birth! Check out the details!

One insider explained that ‘At first, all the secrecy was personal. She did not feel like having the world commenting on her pregnancy or her choice to stay with Offset after he cheated on her. But now, it has turned into such an attention grabber, and she is loving it.’

‘Everyone saw the way Kylie played her pregnancy and how much attention it got her. Cardi’s as savvy as it gets, so she wants to take Kylie’s crown for the most talked about bump, and she is well on her way to doing it,’ the source added.

And it makes total sense! As you may be aware, the lip kit mogul’s first pic of her baby daughter Stormi is still the most liked Instagram pic of 2018.

But we feel like it’s going to be a lot harder for Cardi to keep her pregnancy hidden considering she has just released her debut album titled Invasion of Privacy.

In addition to that, the rapper is also set to perform at Coachella pretty soon.

That and her world tour with Bruno Mars will make it impossible for her to hide her bump if she really is pregnant!

But still, Cardi continues to slam all of the people that are a bit too involved in her personal life.

‘I’m not a damn animal at the zoo that you just could see everything, no. People will just find out more. If it arrives, if it don’t arrive, then you know what the f*ck is going on,’ she said in a new interview.

She sure likes to keep her fans guessing! Very 'Kylie' of her, indeed!

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  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Apr 6, 2018 8:09 PM PDT

    Are you serious right now Cardio B? I didn't see the big deal with Kylie and her pregnancy. Now you want to surpass her child please be original no one has to take care of your or Kylie baby but y'all.

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