Cardi B - The Truth About That Scary 'Wish I Was Dead' Tweet

Cardi B - The Truth About That Scary 'Wish I Was Dead' Tweet
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Cardi B scared fans when she took to social media to share a really worrisome message. Thankfully, seeing the panic that the rapper sent everyone into when she wrote that she wished she was dead was like a ‘wakeup call’ for her and now, she is in a ‘good place.’

That’s not to say she did not have a reason to tweet that.

Soon after Cardi B tweeted ‘Wish I was dead’ and then deleted it, fans started trending #WeLoveYouCardiB.

While it may have been a really bad day for the female emcee to post something like that, she never expected it to cause so much traction.

But what exactly pushed Cardi to write that on her platform?

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi has been on the go and just working nonstop between performances, focusing on new music, and traveling, and raising Kulture. She doesn’t give herself a break often because she is such a hard worker and dedicated to building her empire, and she is harder on herself than anyone else.’

They went on to explain that ‘Cardi has struggled with feelings of just being overwhelmed by fame and working hard all the time and while she knows how to cope usually, she is also human and has her off days, too.’

It did not take Cardi long to realize that using a public platform such as Twitter in order to release stress was not the best of ideas.

So, ‘As soon as she tweeted that, she realized it wasn’t something to take lightly and decided to delete it because she knew people would misinterpret what she said and that is the last thing she wanted.’

Cardi has always been a star that speaks her mind and tells it like it is but being real as a celebrity means her voice holds a lot of power as well and she forgets that sometimes, the insider noted.

She may do things without thinking first from time to time so ‘This was a wake-up call.’

The main point is that she is totally fine and people don’t need to be worried about her.

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