Cardi B Suffers Post Plastic Surgery Complications And Cancels Show To Recover

Cardi B Suffers Post Plastic Surgery Complications And Cancels Show To Recover
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It looks like Cardi B is not feeling so well as she recovers from the multiple plastic surgeries she underwent after welcoming her daughter with Offset, Kulture. That being said, doctors have suggested that she cancels her show on May 24 since she has a very busy schedule already.

One rep for Royal Farms Arena, shared with HollywoodLife that due to ‘circumstances beyond her control,’ Cardi B postponed her concert to September 8!

Furthermore, her show that was originally supposed to take place tonight at El Paso County Coliseum will also be rescheduled.

TMZ was the first to report via insiders that she has not been feeling very well after the procedures.

As fans know, the rapper opened up not too long ago about getting liposuction as well as two breast augmentation surgeries so that she could look in top shape after welcoming Kulture.

She also explained the reason why she chose the knife over the gym, saying that she just wanted quick results since she’s a busy woman.

But now it looks like the cosmetic surgeries did the opposite and actually conflicted with her schedule!

Apparently, the complications got so bad that the doctors made it very clear to Cardi that she needs time to let the swelling go down and further recover before doing a strenuous activity such as performing on stage!

The news outlet shared that the medical specialists recommended at least a couple of weeks of rest.

The female emcee got candid about her plastic surgery during another concert, this time at the Beale Street Music Festival, on May 5, even admitting at the time that she should have canceled that show as well.

‘I have some news for y’all. I should have canceled today. I shouldn’t really be performing because moving too much is gonna f**k up my lipo. But b**ch I’m still gonna get my mother***ing money back, let’s go!’

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