Cardi B Slams 'Dumba**' Pro-Gun User Who Attacks Her On Social Media By Using 'Matilda Reference!'

Cardi B Slams 'Dumba**' Pro-Gun User Who Attacks Her On Social Media By Using 'Matilda Reference!'
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Just like many others, Cardi B believes President Donald Trump’s suggestion to give teachers guns is not the best of ideas. In fact, she thinks he’s ‘out of his mind!’

The Bodak Yellow rapper took to social media to share her opinion with the world, and when a pro-gun user argued against her, she slammed them in the most epic way possible.

Fans of Cardi know very well how much she likes to speak her mind – this woman has no filter!

But while some would argue that this is also the case with Donald Trump, her personality and usually reasonable and relatable opinions make Cardi actually super likable to many!

After the Donald suggested teachers should carry guns in schools for their and their students’ safety, Cardi went off on her Instagram account.

She posted a pic of Miss Trunchbull, the iconic principal from the movie Matilda.

The character is well known for being evil and strict, and she likes to use physical discipline, therefore hurt her students, not protect them.

That is definitely a person you would not want to be armed around your children if she was real that is, and Cardi totally agrees!

‘Ya’ll wanna arm teachers but what if this b–ch had a gun,’ the caption read.

‘She will not kill a kid like wtf dumbass,’ the hater replied.

That is when Cardi fired back saying: ‘She threw a student out the window Dumbass. Clearly, you never watched Matilda.’

Those who have actually watched the film know that Miss Trunchbull does indeed throw a kid out the window in one scene for eating M&M’s!

Cardi has spoken against Trump’s idea before saying: ‘Y’all want teachers to effectively prepare our youth, carry straps, and bust back at school shooters but at the same time pay them only $40,000 a year. Imagine an old a** female teacher bussing a burner. This man’s really out his mind. America must be entertainment to other countries.’

‘Y’all wanna know what is the problem? That the government put only metal detectors in schools in the HOOD! I remember getting searched every morning in high school. Even parents who picked up their kids got searched,’ she argued in another post.

You know a country is having huge political issues when a reality TV star turned rapper has much more common sense than the president!

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  • HotCarl
    HotCarl Feb 26, 2018 4:10 PM PST

    cardi b is a stripper tf she knows about politics n guns when she is just an xploited corporate music servant

  • Moody
    Moody Feb 26, 2018 1:42 PM PST

    I agree w/ Cardi B 100!%

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