Cardi B Shows Off Her Natural Beauty During Cute Disneyland Outing With Baby Kulture!

Cardi B Shows Off Her Natural Beauty During Cute Disneyland Outing With Baby Kulture!
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Cardi B showed off her natural beauty while enjoying Disneyland with her baby girl, Kulture! The mother and daughter seemed to be having a blast and the female emcee was comfortable without any makeup on!

The mother of one was caught on camera carrying her 15 month old offspring through Disneyland in Anaheim, California yesterday as they bonded and made precious memories together.

Obviously, they made sure to check out some of the rides that are Okay for toddlers to ride and enjoy everything else the famous theme park has to offer.

And since she kept it casual, Cardi manager to blend in with the crowd a lot more than if she was in full glam.

The rapper had on a polka dotted sweater as well as Minnie Mouse ears!

As for little Kulture, she looked absolutely adorable in a puffy pink jacket and with her hair in cute pigtails.

Cardi took to social media to share some video Stories documenting their mother-daughter outing and it seemed like the child was mesmerized by the place.

They even watched a fireworks show and Kulture was in awe because of all the pretty lights in the sky.

Cardi B seems to always be busy thanks to her successful career but it looks like she still manages to spend quality time with her little girl and that’s great to see.

Speaking of, they also previously spent Halloween together and Cardi made sure to show off her child’s costume on social media.

Kulture was dressed in a Moana costume and followers kept gushing over her cuteness.

And since Cardi doesn't have any more tour dates this year, she will be spending more such sweet moments with little Kulture.

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