Cardi B Shows Off 100k Diamond Chain She Got Kulture For Her First Birthday - Check It Out!

Cardi B Shows Off 100k Diamond Chain She Got Kulture For Her First Birthday - Check It Out!
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Cardi B really knows how to spoil her baby girl! The female emcee is getting ready to celebrate Kulture’s first ever birthday and she and Offset have a very pricey gift to give her.

As it turns out, the parents spent no less than 100k on the present – a diamond chain.

Cardi took to social media to share a video in which she was showing off the accessory.

While Kulture’s birthday is not until July 10, it seems like the rapper couple did some shopping for the special day.

There is no doubt that their daughter is very lucky to have such wealthy and giving parents.

As for the bling, it was designed by hip-hop jeweler Eliantte and features four colorful cartoon characters as well as the famous designer’s signature label on the back.

The chain, as well as the pendant are covered in diamonds!

TMZ reports that the piece of jewelry costs around $100k!

Cardi shared not too long ago that she has a budget of almost half a million for her and Offset’s daughter's birthday party but was the chain even part of that?

While on Instagram Live, Cardi told her many followers: ‘No lie, I’m spending about $400,000. And it’s like, damn! $400,000 for a birthday party? But that’s because it’s her first birthday party and sh*t costs! But after her first birthday party… Ha ha!’

The rappers really feel like marking the first ever birthday in a big way is the right thing to do, even though little Kulture won’t even understand what’s going on most of the time, let alone remember it in the future.

One source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi will go all out for Kulture’s first birthday and Offset supports whatever she wants to do. Cardi's over the top with everything she does, and her love for Kulture is like no other and she'll do whatever it takes to give her the very best birthday party ever. She does not care that she is one and won’t remember it! It’s more for Cardi.’


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