Cardi B Shares Rare Pic Of Offset With All 4 Of His Kids In Sweet Father's Day Post!

Cardi B Shares Rare Pic Of Offset With All 4 Of His Kids In Sweet Father's Day Post!
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Cardi B made sure to celebrate her husband and fellow rapper, Offset on Father’s Day! The female emcee took to social media to pay tribute to him on the holiday and it’s safe to say that she shared a rather rare pic as well since it featured the Migos star with all four of his kids, including their daughter, Kulture , who is already nearly 2 years old!

It looks like the family was out for dinner in Los Angeles when the cute little girl totally photobombed her mom and dad.

The married couple seemingly spent a wonderful weekend, filled with laughter and great moments bound to make the best of memories in the future.

It was all meant to celebrate Offset on Father’s Day and Cardi also made sure to document the outing that included all the kids the rapper has fathered - Jordan, Kalea, Kody, and, of course, Kulture!

She was not the only one to update fans about their group dinner, however, since the proud dad shared a bunch of individual snaps on his own platform as well.

In the caption, Cardi wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day love.’

While it’s still not confirmed how old each of Offset’s other children are, there is no doubt that Kulture, who turns 2 on July 10, is the youngest of the bunch.

Speaking of the baby of the family, Cardi also posted an older video of the toddler when she was just an infant, laughing and touching her dad’s hair and face. Aww….

‘Happy Father’s Day again!!! This still happens till this day, but now she smacks him,' Cardi captioned this second Father’s Day post.

The married couple also had dinner with friends on the same day and as they tried to pose for pics, Kulture kept photobombing them.

‘Guess who photobomb me and @offsetyrn picture? And she know she did it on purpose,’ the rapper mom joked.

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