Cardi B Shares A Video Of Baby Kulture In Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Jewelry After Going On A Rant About Protecting Her

Cardi B Shares A Video Of Baby Kulture In Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Jewelry After Going On A Rant About Protecting Her
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It is no secret to Cardi B's fans that the rapper has some problems keeping her issues to herself. And social media was recently treated to yet another tirade from where she was defending baby Kulture.

Cardi B decided to air some frustrations with the state of media, specifically talking about Access Hollywood after the TV show/publication referenced her daughter in one of their headlines.

Cardi B warned them that they should not "play" when it comes to her kid, yelling into the camera the entire time to get her point across.

The rapper even accused the publication of taking her words out of context, although some of the commenters under her rant pointed out that this was not precisely the case, as most things she had said matched the way she was presented in the original materials.

Offset's wife said: "Don't play when it comes to my kid. Don't use my kid for clickbait. Don't f*cking cut half of the sh*t that I said about why I gotta spend time with my child."

She added: "[They] was talkin' 'bout, 'Oh, Cardi's doing other things. She's not busy worrying about hip hop because she's doing other money moves. Yes, n*gga, I'm doing other money moves, and guess what else I'm doing, n*gga? I have to spend time with my child! So I'm sorry that I'm not doing what y'all n*ggas expect me to do, 'cause I gotta do other sh*t and spend time with my kid!"

In the end, it was not entirely clear what Cardi B was even trying to say to her fans, and many of the comments under her video were mostly confused.

Some have accused the diva of trying to draw attention to herself by generating controversy, although this is far from the first time that she has been charged with something like that in general.

Cardi B has been in a weird spot with regards to her supporters, and it looks like her situation might get even more complicated in the future if she does not bring her attitude under control.

The rapper has already become a highly controversial figure over some of her statements, and she keeps drawing even more bad attention to herself.

The femcee has changed the conversation with a video of baby Kulture blinged out.

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