Cardi B Sends A Message To All Her Haters: 'Drink Clorox & Die!' - Check Out The Video

Cardi B Sends A Message To All Her Haters: 'Drink Clorox & Die!' - Check Out The Video

If you come for Cardi B, then you'd better get ready to get slammed ten times harder. She may be quickly moving up on the Billboard charts and in the music world but let's not forget her Bronx roots.

The Bronx in Cardi B thrives when her haters try to get under this lady's skin. In a brand new video for Noisey, Cardi B was put to the most epic test.


It was the ultimate test of her reading comments on YouTube about her and her song called Bodak Yellow.

You really have to check out her clapbacks because they're the coolest.

That segment is entitled 'The People vs. Cardi B,' and the rapper had to read a string of insulting comments out loud.

After one of the haters made a misogynist comment about her, she replied, 'How about you drink a bottle of Clorox and die. Or how about you f**k your mother while your stepfather watches?'

And when one commenter stated that the song Bodak Yellow made them want to make out with Dora the Explorer, Cardi called that person out for being a disgusting pedophile. 'Ew, you’re a pedophile. Dora the Explorer is a child…'

Don't get us wrong; there weren’t only nasty comments in that section, though.

Some people were really cool, and they celebrated Cardi and her success. Others even said that her No. 1 single makes women feel empowered.

Cardi B plans on spending over $1 million on her wedding . She got engaged to rapper Offset in October, and they don't want to cut off their wedding budget.

Cardi explained that while Offset has ‘more money’ than she does, she doesn’t think that it's ‘fair’ to make him pay for everything. Well, you have to admit that this lady is really something!

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