Cardi B Says She's ‘Depressed’ Over The Fact That She ‘Can’t Stop Losing Weight’

Cardi B Says She's ‘Depressed’ Over The Fact That She ‘Can’t Stop Losing Weight’

While most new mothers are struggling to get rid of the extra pounds gained throughout the pregnancy, it turns out that Cardi B has the exact opposite problem – she ‘can’t stop losing weight!’ That being said, the once-curvier rapper is very stressed about her new frame!

The Bodak Yellow emcee took to social media to complain about it during a live Instagram video earlier today.

As fans know, the star gave birth to her baby girl, Kulture on July 10 and now, four months later, she’s lamenting about her body being ‘too thin,’ and even going as far as to say she’s developed depression because of it.

‘It’s really been depressing me and making me sad, losing weight. My tit**es are saggy. I do not have a problem with them, but I just want to gain weight,’ Cardi told her millions of followers.

That’s not to say that the former stripper hates everything about her new body.

‘I got a six-pack right now, but I need my thighs. I am really trying to gain the weight back, and it’s really hard. After I gave birth I was really thirsty to lose the baby weight, but now it’s hard for me to gain weight, and I hate it.’

The star went on to tell her fans that she’s been receiving help from her mom and dad with her weight-gain process but it hasn’t been working at all!

‘Then my parents, they don’t understand the more they force me to eat, the more I don’t want to eat… I have no appetite at all. This s**t is so stressful.’

Cardi has actually complained about her post-pregnancy body before!

Last month, the celeb shared a pic of herself that put her abs on display, captioning it: ‘Now that I've lost all the baby weight, I gotta gain some back.’

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