Cardi B Reveals The 2 'Cringy' Words She'll Never Use In Her Raps!

Cardi B Reveals The 2 'Cringy' Words She'll Never Use In Her Raps!
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While Cardi B received some criticism over the lyrics of her brand new track, WAP, the rapper explained why she was not ashamed of them at all, although she would not want her daughter, Kulture to listen to them! However, while the outspoken female emcee is willing to say everything and anything in her songs, there are two specific words she can think of that she knows for sure she will never use.

During a new interview, Cardi B opened up about how hard it was for her to write a clean version for WAP.

Furthermore, she dished while on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O Show that there are two ‘cringy’ words she will never use in any of her future songs and proved just how relatable she really is!

After all, doesn’t pretty much everyone else hate at least one of those words?

As you might have guessed, ‘moist’ is on that list, but also ‘horchata’ so rest assured that you’ll never hear Cardi B rapping those words!

‘I hate the word moist. I hate the word horchata,’ she stressed.

The hosts wondered what the latter was and Cardi explained the beverage and mentioned she has a love, hate relationship with it!

‘It’s like a Mexican drink that is made out of brown sugar or something. I do not even know what the hell they put on it but it is really good. I just hate that word.’

Then the hosts also mentioned another word that might make some people’s skin crawl and that is ‘discharge.’

But while the rapper agreed it sounds ‘kinda gross,’ she thought it’s not really cringy.

The discussion about cringy words first started when Cardi explained how difficult it was for her to record a clean version of WAP for radio play precisely because she had to say a word she really hates the sound of.


One lyric went from ‘wet a** p***y’ to ‘wet and gushy’ and Cardi complained: ‘I don’t even like saying it! It was really hard for me to clean this song up because nobody could convince me to keep 'gushy' cause I hate the word 'gushy!''

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