Cardi B Reveals How She Looks So Good In Her Photos - 'I Suck It In'

Cardi B Reveals How She Looks So Good In Her Photos - 'I Suck It In'
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Cardi B has developed a reputation for herself as not only a great rapper and performing artist, but also for her authenticity, both on social media as well as in her music. The 27-year-old took to her Instagram recently to share a bikini photo in which she was apparently sucking her gut in.

The rapper explained in the caption of the photo that she "suck the s**t out of my stomach for this pic, so appreciated." In another photo, Cardi B shared what she looks like when she doesn't suck in her stomach. She captioned the video, "suck it in life."

As it was noted above, Cardi B has been extremely honest about how she makes herself look good, including butt injections, breast augmentations, and liposuction. The star has said in the past that she doesn't care whether people like it or not. She wants the perfect body, even if it's not entirely real.

In other news, many fans of the "Bodak Yellow" rapper are looking forward to the day when she finally decides to drop brand new music. But in a recent Instagram Live session, Cardi B joked that she wouldn't be releasing a new project anytime soon.

Cardi joked with her fans that she would only release a new record if she managed to lose some more weight, however, she doesn't plan on doing that anytime soon. Obviously, it was all a joke, because she later said she would be releasing something new in the future.

Cardi said to her fans, "y'all gonna love it." The last time Cardi dropped a new song was "Press," which came out approximately one year ago. She also worked with Fat Joe and Annuel AA. Around the same time as her post on quitting music, Cardi also released a few snippets of what she's been up to in the studio.

The star explained that the song she was working on was actually written while she was pregnant with Kulture Kiari.

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