Cardi B Reportedly Feels Disrespected By Chris Brown Dragging Her Into His Offset Feud

Cardi B Reportedly Feels Disrespected By Chris Brown Dragging Her Into His Offset Feud
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According to a new insider report, Cardi B really doesn’t appreciate Chris Brown dragging her into his petty online feud with husband Offset. As you may be aware, Chris told the Migos rapper that he’d send flowers to his wife to show her respect, but it turns out that Cardi feels the exact opposite!

One source tells HollywoodLife that Brown crossed the line.

‘Cardi B found Chris Brown’s post where he says he is going to send her flowers, so she knows that he respects her, quite disrespectful. Cardi of course sides with Offset, however, she that knows Offset has been working very hard to get to a better place with her and in their relationship as a whole and finds it really rude of Chris to post such a thing,’ they dished.

Apparently, Cardi is not looking forward to this unnecessary drama ruining her night at the Grammys!

The source explained to the news outlet that ‘Cardi also doesn’t like that Offset is being spoken about. She finds the whole thing disrespectful. She’s already having a lot of emotions going into Grammy night that she didn’t really need to be dealing with this right now.’

Thankfully, cuddling A LOT with her baby daughter, Kulture has been helping.

The insider supposedly close to the rapper couple also revealed that Offset is fuming as well since he believes Chris should have been well aware that talking about Cardi B is always off limits, no matter what.

In his eyes, his wife and kid being disrespected is the ultimate insult.

Offset apparently has a lot of respect for Cardi and has been trying his best for the past few months to show her that, so at this point, that is ‘all he cares about. Offset will continue to do right by Cardi and make her feel like a queen.’

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