Cardi B Receives Advice From J Cole About Her Debut Album

Cardi B Receives Advice From J Cole About Her Debut Album
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Cardi B is at the top and has expressed how hard it is to be number one. The biggest fear for any first-time chart-topper is that their follow up single and album won't be as good as the first and they'll become a one-hit wonder. After performing at "The Real Show," a famous lyricist gave the hip-hop newcomer some priceless words of encouragement on what happens next.

J. Cole came to see Cardi B backstage. In a video of the conversation that surfaced on the internet on November 19, the "Cole World" rapper offers up his advice.

"Nobody gonna hit number one, don’t try to do it twice. Like, f*** that. JAY-Z’s number one record was like what, three years ago or something? It was the New York record. He’s been out since ’96. The n**** just got his first number one so it’s like. I already know."


Cole adds: "When I seen the interview I was like, ‘She’s in her own head.’ You might like some sh** and then you start overthinking it. You know what I mean?"

J. Cole is referencing the Breakfast Club interview where Cardi explains that everyone is waiting for her to drop her album and how fearful she was to fail.

This isn't the first time that the "Love and Hip Hop" alum revealed her deepest insecurities. She was recently recorded saying how she wants to leave the music industry after she makes enough money to buy a house and support her future family.

The pressure can be too much for some. Overthinking can be the downfall of any artist so it's great to see that she's getting support from someone as talented as J. Cole.

Cardi also has special help from her famous fiance who is 1/3 of the uber-successful rap group Migos.

Hopefully, Cardi learns to be confident in herself soon and give her fans what they're waiting for.

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