Cardi B Pulls Off Her Wig And Throws It In Crowd — Wants Who Has It To DM Her

Cardi B Pulls Off Her Wig And Throws It In Crowd — Wants Who Has It To DM Her
Credit: Source: Tokyo Stylez/Instagram

Cardi B may be about to make one of her fan's dream come true. Cardi B is no stranger to making headlines and this Saturday morning is no different. While performing at the Wireless Festival in London, she got carried away at the moment and after singing and gyrating on the floor with her dancers, ripped her waist-long wig off her head, and threw it into the crowd. Screams were caught on tape as fans went ballistic fighting over the wig. While no photos or videos have yet surfaced showing a fan leaving the festival donning the hairpiece, someone has it and Cardi B wants it back. She took to social media and asked whoever has the wig to DM her so they can work out its safe return.

For one fan, that might mean a chance to talk to their idol one on one.

Social media is loving the story of the hairnapped wig and the hashtag #wantmywigback was trending.

Cardi B shared a video on her official Twitter account of the moment she lost all control, reached up and pulled the ebony tresses off her head and hurled it into the crowd, and seeming oblivion.

Check out the video below, but be forewarned, there's plenty of hysterical screaming as fans dive, dip, and fight over the wig.

Whether or not a fan returns the wig remains the question of the day. There are several monetary advantages that some feel will see the fan selling the wig on a site like eBay rather than give it back to Cardi B. It's unclear whether Cardi B will have her team monitor auction sites for the wig, but she might. If the wig turns up online, chances are Cardi B would hear about it and then she might buy it back herself.

But then, if the wig is in the hands of a true fan, he or she might want to interact with Cardi B more than making a profit off the hairpiece.

At this point, no one knows where the wig is, who has it, or what he or she plans to do with it.

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