Cardi B ‘Misses How Things Used To Be’ With Offset And Seeing Him With Kulture Makes Her 'Melt!'

Cardi B ‘Misses How Things Used To Be’ With Offset And Seeing Him With Kulture Makes Her 'Melt!'
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As fans know already, Cardi B took to social media to share a pic of Offset with their baby girl, Kulture earlier today and she admitted that while working on her secret project, she really wanted to be home with the two of them. Does that mean that she and her husband of one year have reunited or are close to it?

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi’s heart absolutely melts when she sees what an amazing father Offset is to Kulture.’

The female emcee announced her split from the Migos star on December 4 amid rumors that he tried to arrange a threesome with two other women while Cardi was expecting their child.

Cardi felt extremely betrayed and decided to end things and ever since then, the man has been trying his hardest to win her back. Did it work?

Offset has been showering his estranged wife with very expensive presents and has repeatedly apologized publicly, but the Bodak Yellow rapper has been hard to convince.

But it sounds like the one thing she cannot resist is seeing Offset holding their daughter in his arms.

Seeing the father and daughter like that simply makes Cardi melt.

‘Cardi can’t help but gush over Offset when she sees how sweet he is with their baby girl because that is the way to win her heart. Seeing those tender moments with Offset and Kulture bonding, sometimes make her miss how things used to be. Cardi still has not completely decided what she wants to do with her relationship, but those moments help bring her walls down with Offset,’ the insider shared with the outlet.

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