Cardi B Jokes About Her Plastic Surgery - Says She Can 'Float' Now!

Cardi B Jokes About Her Plastic Surgery - Says She Can 'Float' Now!
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Cardi B really knows how to entertain her followers so they are never really bored while on her platform. The rapper took to her IG account to share a brand new picture yesterday.

She was wearing a sheer long-sleeved turtleneck crop top that put most of her ample chest on display as well as pink pants, white sneakers and sported her hair in colorful braids.

While her fashion is fun enough to see, what really made fans entertained was her bold and honest caption.

‘I can't swim so I bought these titties so I can float,’ the celeb who has always been open about her plastic surgeries joked.

That is definitely a great way to make fun of yourself in a way that makes people admire you more in the end!

Cardi is totally an expert at being likable all the while telling it like it is.

The pic soon gathered over two million likes and even some fellow stars appreciated her sense of humor.

For instance, DJ Diplo commented: ‘Your a genius,’ which also prompted other users to correct his grammatical mistake.

Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina left heart eye emojis under the female emcee’s post.

The celeb who became a first-time mother to baby daughter Kulture last summer revealed that she wanted a ‘renovation’ after giving birth.

While she previously got her breasts done when she was 19 years old, Cardi argued that ‘Kulture did me bad,’ so she needed to go under the knife again.

This was back in September and in May, she confirmed while chatting with ET that she had indeed gotten them ‘redone.’

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