Cardi B Is Handing Out Fortunes For 2021 — All You Have To Do Is DM Her

Cardi B Is Handing Out Fortunes For 2021 — All You Have To Do Is DM Her
Credit: Source: Facebook

Cardi B can now add professional fortune teller to her resume as the "WAP" singer has teamed up with Instagram and Facebook to give psychic readings for 2021. The 28-year-old mother of one is taking psychic prediction requests via DM on the @cardibtruthteller Instagram account because everyone knows when it comes to telling it like it is, no one is more direct than Cardi B . The collaboration also follows Cardi B's new Facebook series Cardi Tries that will stream new weekly episodes until February 4, 2021.

Cardi B dressed up in a blue crystal hooded garment that was affixed to a black gown and she gazed into a crystal ball. Cardi looked gorgeous as her hair peeked out from under the head and formed little points and a singular curl on her forehead. She wore metallic, blue eyeshadow that shimmered in the psychedelic lights. Cardi B shared the following caption along with a video promoting the new IG channel.

Instagram knows I tell it like it is! They asked me to help y’all hit that reset button for 2021 with some juicy advice. Starting December 26th, DM me @CardiBTruthTeller and let’s get that astral plane tight! 🔮

Check out the video announcement featuring Cardi B below.

In another photo, Cardi gazed into the ball and showed off her matching manicure that extended from her gloved fingers. The dress had a high slit on the side and Cardi B flashed a glimpse of her hip and thigh. The black dress was beaded and featured a fur trim around the front.

You may see the photo that is getting plenty of attention on social media below.

Source: Facebook

Those who want to get a reading have until New Year's Eve . Some people who have received their readings are sharing them on social media and discussing what they predicted. What do you think? Do you want Cardi B to read your fortune? Are you going to send her a message?


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