Cardi B - Inside Her 'Last Minute' Decision To Share The Grammy Red Carpet With Offset!

Cardi B - Inside Her 'Last Minute' Decision To Share The Grammy Red Carpet With Offset!
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As fans know, Cardi B and her husband Offset looked very in love while at the Grammy Awards despite their temporary split. In fact, they pretty much made their reunion official at the event! So what determined Cardi to pose together with Offset on the red carpet and even pack the PDA for the cameras?

Yesterday, one source told HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi B is feeling great today after her big win last night. Offset's been doing everything he can to win her back officially, and things are extremely close to getting there. She was so hurt by his cheating.’

The Migos member was rumored to have planned a threesome with two other women while Cardi was expecting their baby girl, Kulture!

Speaking of, the insider explained that it was her baby who ultimately caused Cardi to be more forgiving.

‘She feels he’s doing everything in his power to get their family back together for good, which is why she wanted to arrive with [Offset] and sit with him at the Grammys. It was a last minute decision to do that, but she feels he’s trying with his actions more than his words.’

Apparently, the expensive gifts and romantic gestures were not the actions that changed her heart.

While she loves to be spoiled, what really impressed her was Offset’s relentlessness in winning her back.

Seeing him try so hard to be with her and not give up no matter how much she pushed him away was what she really needed from him.

‘Offset loves Cardi and Cardi loves Offset and truly believes that their love is a one in a million kind of love,’ the source added, saying that while they are not officially back together, she ‘wants this to work!’

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