Cardi B - Inside Her Big Plans For Kulture’s First Christmas

Cardi B - Inside Her Big Plans For Kulture’s First Christmas

The holiday season is right around the corner, and it seems like Cardi B can’t be any more excited than she already is to spend it with her baby girl, Kulture for the first time. One new insider report claims the female emcee can’t wait to give her daughter all the presents in the world!

Judging by that claim, it’s no doubt that the four month old bundle of joy’s first Christmas is going to be magical, even though she won’t remember or even understand it at all!

But for Cardi, getting to spend it with her baby will definitely make it a great time!

About her plans for the holidays, one source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi even started buying presents a few months ago and she is so excited to spoil Kulture on Christmas morning. She's been buying tons of holiday decorations for her house and cannot wait to see the look on Kulture’s little face when she finally sees her presents on Christmas morning.’

Furthermore, the insider dished that Cardi wants to also have the rest of her family at her house to celebrate with her, Offset and Kulture.

Apparently, ‘The holidays are a very special time for all of them and will be even more incredible for Kulture’s first Christmas. Cardi's in such a happy place right now because she finally feels like her family is complete.’ Aww....

Unfortunately, it does not seem like she will let her fans into baby Kulture’s first winter holidays at all since she has been keeping her under wraps from the public.

But who knows? Maybe everyone else will also get a present from Cardi this Christmas – a picture of her daughter!

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