Cardi B - Inside Her And Offset's Plans To Have A Second Baby

Cardi B - Inside Her And Offset's Plans To Have A Second Baby
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It’s only been a year since Cardi B and Offset became the proud parents of baby daughter Kulture but, one new insider report claims the pair might already be thinking of adding a second member to the family! The source tells HollywoodLife that fans may learn about a second pregnancy sooner than expected!

At this point in time, Cardi and Offset’s careers as well as family life, are thriving so why not make everything even better by welcoming a baby sister or brother to Kulture? Well, there are a few reasons.

‘Cardi’s life is really busy right now with her hectic schedule, caring for Kulture, and setting aside some time to spend with Offset. Cardi feels fulfilled in all aspects of her life and she does not feel the need to have more kids at this point,’ the source dished to the outlet.

They went on to say that ‘She definitely wants to grow her family but really wants to make sure that the time is right before making such a big leap. However, if she happened to get pregnant she'd be thrilled and would do whatever it takes to keep building her career while also remaining an amazing mom at the same time.’

So it sounds like she is not in a huge hurry to get pregnant but that is not to say she would not be happy if it happened by chance.

At the same time, another reason why she most likely won’t be pregnant in the very near future is her health.

As fans know, the female emcee suffered some complications after her plastic surgeries and she is still recovering.

For now, she is focusing on her career and on taking great care of her one child.

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