Cardi B - Here's Why She Needs Extra ‘Time To Relax And Heal’ After Going Under The Knife

Cardi B - Here's Why She Needs Extra ‘Time To Relax And Heal’ After Going Under The Knife
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Earlier this month, the performer admitted that she’s gone under the knife several times since welcoming her baby girl with husband Offset, Kulture. That being said, Cardi B ended up canceling a couple of concerts because of complications stemming from those plastic surgeries.

Cardi really needed more time to heal so going back to performing live was really not a good idea.

Doctors ordered the rapper to take some time off and relax until the swelling from her liposuction and two breasts augmentations would go down.

Now, one medical specialist, Dr. Daniel Barrett, explains via HollywoodLife that ‘Extensive exercise (or performing) after surgery can cause internal bleeding and extensive swelling. We also advise patients not to drink alcohol or be around cigarette smoke post procedure.’

It makes sense that the mother of one really needs to stay away from the stage for a while since her dancing while performing is always so high energy!

As for the advice Dr. Barrett has for the female emcee, he told the news outlet that she should: ‘Rest! The body needs time to relax and heal. Extensive exercise or raising the heart rate after surgery isn’t advised. If she is experiencing any post-procedure infection, she may be taking an antibiotic or have extended wound care if things aren’t healing right.’

Previously, a rep told the site that Cardi was impatient as far as her return to work was concerned and did not take enough time off to recover completely.

As a result, her packed and exhausting schedule really affected her recovery and took a toll on her physical state, which led to the doctors advising her to take a much-needed break.

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