Cardi B Has A Hard Time Trusting Offset Amid His Baby Mama Scandal - ‘Not Sure If The Relationship Will Survive’

Cardi B Has A Hard Time Trusting Offset Amid His Baby Mama Scandal - ‘Not Sure If The Relationship Will Survive’
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Following the Migos star’s cheating scandal and baby mama speculations, the relationship with his fiancée Cardi B hasn’t been the best! Apparently, the Bodak Yellow rapper is now ‘struggling with trust issues,’ and it is yet unknown if they will end up walking down the aisle or not!

Cardi and Offset are trying their best to save their romance amid the ugly rumors going around.

‘Cardi’s struggling with trust issues with Offset. She’s feeling horrible about the damage done to her relationship by all the scandals and ugly rumors swirling around their relationship. Cardi wants to think that her man has been loyal and faithful, but she’s uncertain. While her heart’s telling her to love and forgive Offset, her mind cannot get over the possible cheating. Cardi’s struggling, and she’s not sure if they’ll get married or if their relationship will even survive,’ one insider close to the troubled pair revealed.

Truth is that we really don’t blame her for having doubts about Offset as they are rebuilding what’s left of their relationship.

As you may remember, she did confirm the man had cheated on her following the video a hacker leaked.

Even though it seemed like she was not affected by it, soon enough another scandal exploded.

Celina Powell, an Instagram model, claims that she is expecting Offset’s baby!

Even though that is definitely a lot to process, Cardi has been staying by her significant other’s side and still tries to believe in his innocence until proven guilty.

Just a couple of days ago, the rapper pair was spotted on a romantic date on Rodeo Drive.

They were holding hands and smiling brightly, seemingly still happy together despite all the drama.

Only time will tell if they will remain together for the long ride, but if Celina proves her baby is really fathered by Offset, Cardi will definitely dump him, as she previously threatened during one of her concerts.

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