Cardi B Goes On Twitter Rant After Travis Scott Fans Say He Deserved The Grammy For Best Rap Album

Cardi B Goes On Twitter Rant After Travis Scott Fans Say He Deserved The Grammy For Best Rap Album
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After some fans of Travis Scott argued that he was the one who deserved the Grammy award for Best Rap Album and not her, the female emcee went on a rant on social media, clapping back at the trolls. Cardi made sure to remind everyone why she totally deserves everything she gets, including this honor.

It all started after the release of Travis’ brand new documentary Look Mom I Can Fly.

During the Netflix project, there is one scene that shows the man looking pretty discouraged while at the Grammys, backstage.

That is from back in February when his alum, Astroworld, lost the Best Rap Album title to Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy.

Soon after, Travis’ fans took to Twitter to argue that Cardi did not deserve the award, and that the male rapper should have won instead.

In response, Cardi went on a rant on the platform, arguing her side.

‘On my album I showed all the different sides of me. From my intro talking about the Press. To living my best life and inspiring people. Relationship songs while I was going through my own relationship drama to shaking a*s like Bodak and that A*S. Every song went platinum!’ her first tweet read.

She went on to argue that her achievement is even greater since she was expecting at the time.

‘Throwing up, [being] drowsy, terrible colds and rushing to finish it so I can start doing music videos before I start showing. I spend 24 hours for months just sleeping on a couch with my pregnant depressed a*s in a studio,’ she said in her second post.

She went on to recall how ‘I was not even thinking of winning or even the Grammys. All I could think about was …everyone is disappointed in me. Am I still going to have a career after having the baby? Is the album going to make me or break me? I need to finish it before I start showing. All the while I just separated from my long-time manager.’

Thankfully, she could rely on her husband to take over some of the managerial tasks, Offset being the one to talk to her label so she could relocate to Atlanta and Miami in order to wrap up the whole album before her baby bump would start showing.

Cardi went on to tweet many more such arguments as to why she totally deserves that award and what she went through to create the album that brought it to her. Check them all out on her platform!

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