Cardi B Gets Real About Liposuction After Having Kulture - Shows Off Her New Abs

Cardi B Gets Real About Liposuction After Having Kulture - Shows Off Her New Abs
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The rapper opened up about her plastic surgeries during an Instagram Live session yesterday and she was as real as ever! Cardi B mostly talked about the effects of getting liposuction on her abdomen.

And since her rant followed a post in which she showed off her incredible abs while in a bathing suit top and tight, red pants, it is safe to say the procedure worked wonders!

The new mom decided to go for it after giving birth to her baby daughter, Kulture.

Cardi, who was shooting a music video when she went live, explained that liposuction is not actually just a quick way to get abs and opened up about going through the post-surgery process.

‘But, I’m telling you guys, because b****es think you can go get surgery and that’s it. No, you gotta maintain this s**t. That is why, if you look at my stomach, it looks lumpy 'cause they have to massage it out. It is like a hundred post-op appointments to smooth it out. It has been about 3 or 4 months. I can’t wait to see the results, Cardi told her many followers.

As for why she chose to get liposuction, Cardi claimed it was all because she doesn’t have the time to wait for the pregnancy weight to go away.

The mother of one went on to call out other women criticizing her by saying that ‘B****es are never happy. The same girls that are saying ‘love yourself’ are the same ones saying I’m plastic. I’m a happy ass plastic b**ch. I’m telling y’all this to make y’all feel good, like do whatever you want.’’

She also had some advice for her fans, telling them never to change the way they look for a man, however, as they might end up hurting themselves.

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