Cardi B Fuming As Offset Surprises Her On Stage Trying To Win Her Back - Check Out The Awkward Videos!

Cardi B Fuming As Offset Surprises Her On Stage Trying To Win Her Back - Check Out The Awkward Videos!
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That was so awkward! Did Offset really think such a big and public gesture would work? The man has been trying everything he can think of to convince his estranged wife and mother of his child to take him back.

However, it seems like he’s still making all the wrong choices even when apologizing!

That being said, was anyone even surprised that Cardi B did not appreciate him crashing her concert by appearing on stage out of nowhere to beg for her forgiveness in front of everyone?

At the time, the Bodak Yellow rapper was performing at the Rolling Loud fest.

He even brought up a huge wall of white and red flowers spelling: ‘Take Me Back, Cardi.’

Offset then walked on stage with a massive bouquet of white roses, and it was quite evident that Cardi was not happy about any of it.

It may be a romantic gesture, but it seems like the rapper couple has much bigger marital problems that cannot be solved with extravagant and public events like that.

After all, he was not proposing at the time. What they really need is a lot of time and communication – in private!

In the clips captured by audience members, Cardi is obviously frustrated to see him and turns around ready to walk away before he takes the mic, telling her in front of everyone just how much he loves her and that he’d do anything necessary to have her back in his life.

While the concertgoers were not really able to hear what was being said, judging by her body language, she was pissed!

At some point, however, she was close enough to the mic for the words: ‘I’m not having it’ to be heard.

It sounds like he may have made it worse!

Offset then left the stage dejected, and Cardi performed her set without any problems.

It is possible that Cardi will never take him back since in the video she posted announcing their split, she mentioned they’d fallen out of love but were still good friends and business partners.

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