Cardi B Fires Back At Rappers Who Suggest Her New Song 'Up' Copied Their Own Track

Cardi B Fires Back At Rappers Who Suggest Her New Song 'Up' Copied Their Own Track
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Did Cardi B copy other rappers when she made her brand new song titled 'Up?' The celeb took to her platform to defend herself after accusations that she has!

According to Cardi B, she has actually been working on the track for several months, which is enough proof she hasn't copied anyone else.

Instead, the female emcee insisted that many songs just happen to sound similar to one another but that obviously does not necessarily mean anyone's ripping off anyone else.

Not too long after dropping her new hit, Cardi took to her Twitter account to clap back at fellow rappers Mir Pesos and Mir Fontane who suggested she had copied their own song titled Stuck.

In a previous IG post, they wrote: 'They stealing … We want my money.'

As for Cardi's tweet, she responded: 'This is such a popular phrase and soo many people s**t sound similar. You mean to tell me I copied like 8 songs? STFU tired of explaining this s**t.'

She went on to also post a clip on her IG Stories, showing Cardi singing the song and writing alongside it 'From August 7th … I been working on this. Sorry lil boy never hurd [sic] of you.'

Cardi went live on her Instagram too, telling her followers: 'I am the type of person, I don’t like going to court… If I jack something from somebody. If you’re feeling a certain type of way, we can take it to court. I don’t give a f**k… Get the f**k out of here.'

Besides, she also stressed that since she is not a producer, any fellow artist who feels the beat is similar to theirs, should 'take it up with them [the song's producers.]'


What do you think about the song? Do the other rappers really have a reason to think Cardi B intentionally copied their track?

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