Cardi B Fires Back Against Troll Who Says Kulture Kiari Doesn't Like Her

Cardi B Fires Back Against Troll Who Says Kulture Kiari Doesn't Like Her
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Fans of Cardi B know that she's not one to take shots lying down. E! Online reported on comments from the rapper today in which she fought back against an internet troll who said her daughter didn't like her anymore.

On Twitter, the user said that Kulture didn't even pay attention to anything Cardi B was saying because of "all that screaming." Cardi then responded with a video of her 22-month-old in which they were looking really cozy together.

In the video, Cardi B can be heard saying, "give mommy kiss, give mommy kiss," and Kulture Kiari happily gives her mother what she wants. Cardi then captions the video with, "loud and wrong," in relation to the Twitter user's comments.

As fans of the rapper know, this isn't the first time she's batted away criticism regarding her family life. In February of this year, Cardi B had a heated conversation with a fan who said that Kulture Kiari wasn't the "cutest" baby in the world.

Cardi B's choice of words indicated that she clearly wasn't holding anything back. In her post, Cardi called the woman a "b*tch," and told her to "sit down" with her "overgrown gums." She then went on to tell the person to go play in traffic.

The exchange continued on in the same vein later, with Cardi calling her "trash," and a "b*tch," and it all went downhill from there. Cardi's family life has been in the headlines a number of times before, and the rapper has even addressed it during a Harper's Bazaar interview in 2019.

According to Cardi in her Harper's Bazaar interview, she and her husband, Offset, knew they'd have to fight off a lot of trolls if they shared images of their child on the internet, but it was something Cardi was willing to tolerate.

Offset said to her, "the world doesn't even deserve to see her," when Cardi mentioned showing her on social media. These days, Cardi B is a lot more open when it comes to sharing videos and pictures of her baby girl online.

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