Cardi B Files Lawsuit Against Her Manager For Stealing Money From Her Through Contracts

Cardi B Files Lawsuit Against Her Manager For Stealing Money From Her Through Contracts

According to Cardi B, her ex-manager used her money, illegally, for the sake of his own personal gain. Court papers obtained by several publications claim the "Bodak Yellow" singer is countersuing Mr. Raphael for $15 million.

In her suit, the rapper claims that Klenord Raphael acted very "deceitfully" after she trusted him with her finances and business undertakings. Her lawsuit states that Mr. Raphael took advantage of her trust and faith in him, and pushed her to sign contracts and deals whereby he was benefiting financially.

The 25-year-old hired Klenord back in 2015, and she then signed a deal with WorldStar in March 2015. At the time, Cardi was 22-years-old and she was not a big star yet.

Initially, she agreed to pay him around 20% of her earnings as part of a management fee, but when he created her contract with Atlantic Records, he included another one of his companies, KSR, where he took 50% of her recording royalties.

According to the documents, Mr. Raphael would use some of her money as "loans," including a payment of around $15,000. Moreover, the suit claims that her ex-manager would try and "put up barriers" between her and family members so he could maintain control over her personal life.

Oddly enough, Raphael even tried persuading her not to date certain men. Her $15 million countersuit comes after her ex-manager sued her for $10 million, due to supposedly unfairly pushing him out of her contracts after he helped build her career.

He's also suing her for defamation for lying about the fact that he took money. As it was previously reported, Cardi B achieved huge fame when she had her smash hit song, "Boday Yellow," which was arguably the biggest song of the year last year. Earlier this month, Cardi released "I Like It," which was a number 1 single as well.

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