Cardi B Fights To Keep Her Gang-Related Past Beneath The Surface

Cardi B Fights To Keep Her Gang-Related Past Beneath The Surface
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Last year in March, Yonette "Star Brim" Respass got out of a federal penitentiary after she served a six-month sentence for wire fraud. When she walked off the Greyhound bus in Manhattan, New York, friends and family greeted her ecstatically.

Cardi B, who has reportedly had her back for years, wasn't there but she did shout out to her on Instagram to celebrate her freedom from jail. Respass, 28, quickly used the attention positively, started her own podcast, and created an IG with 949,000 followers.

She's currently the host of Keepin' It Bute . Sources who spoke with Page Six recently claimed that Cardi B has been doing everything she can to help her friends and family rise up and move away from gang-life and organized crime.

An affiliate of Respass' camp who spoke with The Post claimed Cardi has been doing her best to teach other people "how not to get caught up" in the problems. However, things came to an unfortunate end when a judge determined that Respass, also nine months pregnant, was one of the people who assaulted two bartenders in Queens.

Respass was accused of ordering three gang members to attack the women while she was in a Connecticut prison. Reportedly, Respass is a member of a gang called the 5-9 Brims, and she ordered three of her subordinates to physically attack the girls.

Jeffrey Bush, 35, filmed the fight on his cell phone. Interestingly, he's now in prison for selling crack to undercover police officers. Cardi B, who apparently was a member of the Bloods gang when she was a teenager, still hangs around gang members.

Around two weeks later, Cardi B was also involved in the attack on the same two sisters at Angels Strip Club in Queens . Reports claimed it was over one of the women, Jade Gi, sleeping with her husband, Offset. Cardi pled not guilty to the felony assault charges, and the case is still ongoing.

Respass, unfortunately, was charged with participating in a racketeering conspiracy. Authorities asked for fifty years in a federal penitentiary. An insider who spoke with Page Six claimed Star and her crew are always looking for a fight.

Cardi B's involvement also hasn't been a good look for her either, the source added. During a conversation with GQ back in 2018, Cardi said to reporters that her friends asked her to "turn Blood," and she did.

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