Cardi B Destroys Haters Who Say She Photoshops Her Photos In Raw Video -- They Hit Back Hard With She 'Edited Her Body' With Plastic Surgery

Cardi B Destroys Haters Who Say She Photoshops Her Photos In Raw Video -- They Hit Back Hard With She 'Edited Her Body' With Plastic Surgery
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Cardi B is living her best life while in isolation with her loved ones. She might have gained a little bit of weight, but she has no patience for body-shamers on social media.

The wife of Migos rapper Offset shared a video on social media to prove naysayers that she has not been editing and Photoshopping her photos.

The outspoken female rapper donned a tiny Louis Vuitton bikini to get her message through. And while doing so, she set the Internet on fire.

The Hustlers actress even had the expensive bag to go with her barely-there swimwear. In short, Cardi wants so-called haters to leave her alone and to just let her be.

The 27-year-old supporter of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stated: "I have to do this video haters claimed that I was Photoshopping it. So now I gotta show y’all this motherf**king body. Now, I know a b**ch gained some weight. I had to make the thighs match the motherf**king a**."

The "Bodak Yellow" rapper even flaunted her abs and toned muscle, and she also added: "Back again. I'm back at it again! I know y’all ain’t body-shaming me."

Before this new viral video, the talented diva shared a similar message in another clip. She claimed: "Y'all think I'm editing my body? Just ask me for a f***ing video. It's simple. Simple, babe. Like, y'all think I'm editing it? Just ask me for a thing."

The mother of one, who also debuted a new hairstyle and flaunted her numerous tattoos, continued: "I got a little fat. I gained a little baby [fat], you know what I'm saying? It's all good. You can ask me for a video. I'll show y'all. I gained a little weight, but guess what? The thighs match now, right?"

Despite Cardi's best efforts, critics are not yet ready to give her a win on this issue. One of them hit back with: "You edited your body with surgery though. What’s the difference."

Cardi has always been very open about her plastic surgery. A second observer chimed in: "Of course they aren’t edited, she chopped and screwed her body in real life."

A backer said that the debate is unnecessary because she looks great no matter what. The person shared: "She looks great, and whoever is styling her hair is doing an amazing job..loving the blend of the colors and the short cut😍."

Cardi knows how to make some noise.

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