Cardi B Deactivates Her Social Media Account Following The Release Of Her Own Cardi-Themed Doll Due To Fan Backlash

Cardi B Deactivates Her Social Media Account Following The Release Of Her Own Cardi-Themed Doll Due To Fan Backlash
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Not everyone is happy with Cardi B r ight now. The "Kodak Yellow" rapper has been all over the headlines a lot over the last few years, ever since she became a massive star following her stint on Love and Hip Hop which first brought the reality star's personality to light.

Cardi released the aforementioned single and it has all been history from then. However, there have been moments where she has been called out for misbehavior, including when she admitted to drugging and robbing men when she worked as a stripper.

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Now, Cardi is in the headlines once again after she came forward to reveal that she was releasing a doll that was designed by her, despite her past claims that she didn't want to be a role model for young girls.

Reportedly , Cardi announced her doll was going to hit store shelves on the 5th of March, but a lot of people were unhappy for a couple of reasons. One reason is that people believe the rapper is promoting an unhealthy body standard for young girls through her dolls.

Another point of contention is fans think that Cardi, who often releases songs with very controversial lyrics, shouldn't be releasing products that are meant for children. Hot New Hip Hop says the doll did manage to sell out almost immediately, however.

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As it was just noted, some fans were unhappy with the way the dolls' bodies looked, with users comparing them a lot to the Bratz collection which was once a popular doll for young girls as well.

Cardi said on her account that one of the main reasons why she decided to come out with the doll has to do with the fact that she has her own daughter and she knows how crazy she goes for Christmas.


However, her explanation wasn't enough to satiate her fans. Apparently, Cardi had to delete her social media account and it's not clear when it's going to come back online. Fans know she has done this sort of thing before, so there is no doubt that she'll be back.

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