Cardi B Claims She Might Name Her New Album After Professional Golfer Tiger Woods

Cardi B Claims She Might Name Her New Album After Professional Golfer Tiger Woods
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According to a report from Just Jared, Cardi B has another album coming out soon and she's already on social media wondering what the name of it should be. The 26-year-old put on an Instagram Live at the beginning of the week where she dished on the plans for the new album.

During a live-stream, Cardi shouted out to the professional golfer, referencing his previous sexual misconduct scandal where he was caught cheating on his wife with multiple women. His wife of the time reportedly attacked him when she found out about it.

Cardi said in her post that she was considering naming her record after him due to the fact he was able to come back and "win that green jacket" even after everyone was "talking s**t about him." In other news, Cardi recently had some words for the outlet, Access Hollywood, for the way in which they characterized her in a video clip.

Moreover, back in July of 2019, Nick Markus reported that Offset was one of many individuals online who was concerned with some of her social media posts. Cardi B wrote on her account that she wished she was "dead."

A source who spoke with HollywoodLife claimed the Migos remember was worried about the tweet and began calling her right away. At the time, Offset was in Europe. Time apart from each other has caused some problems between them.

According to a report from July, Cardi B explained that she and Offset Face-Timed each other on a regular basis, sometimes even more than once in one day. The source who spoke with the outlet claimed Cardi B hates being away from him, as well as their baby, Kulture.

The insider said at the time that Cardi really was ok, and she was just having an off-day when she made her tweet. Not long after, the rapper deleted the post, however, many of her followers had already read the tweet and became as worried as Offset.

To console the rapper through her tough time, fans online started a hash-tag, "#WeLoveYouCardi."

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