Cardi B And Wendy Williams Party Hard Together At Friend's Birthday Bash!

Cardi B And Wendy Williams Party Hard Together At Friend's Birthday Bash!
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The two women spent some quality time together once again and, like always, they chose to party! Wendy Williams and Cardi B were at a mutual pal’s birthday party and had a lot of fun in each other’s company.

Most fans have already noticed that Wendy and Cardi have managed to become best of friends!

That being said, hanging out with one another is something they obviously enjoy since they like each other’s company.

Their latest reason to meet up and party hard was Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee‘s birthday!

It took place a couple of days ago at the Bryant Park Hotel.

The women were, obviously, in the VIP section and their outing was documented by the birthday boy himself since Jason took a pic of Wendy and Cardi hanging out together alongside other guests.

Celebrity trainer Lature Van Duren later reposted the snap that showed the talk show host smiling brightly while cuddling up to her rapper BFF, resting her hand on the other's leg.

While both of them were dressed down for the birthday party, they still looked great and put together.

‘New York, thanks for the memories. I think I’m going to plan more stuff out there. New Yorkers know how to party,’ Jason wrote in the pic’s caption.

It’s obvious that Cardi did not take it personally that Wendy criticized her clothing choices when she appeared in court to deal with her legal problems.

The host thought the outfits were 'too couture’ and too colorful for the setting.

From her point of view, wearing something like that in court is something ‘you just don’t do.’

About this, one source told HollywoodLife that ‘Cardi doesn’t care what Wendy or anyone else thinks about what she’s worn so far to court, [because] she doesn’t waste time on other people’s opinions.’

Apparently, she feels ‘powerful’ in her outfits and that is all that matters!

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