Cardi B And Offset's Family Photo With Kulture Has People Upset - Here's The Reason

Cardi B And Offset's Family Photo With Kulture Has People Upset - Here's The Reason
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Cardi B shared a photo with her lovely family. She sent her best wishes for Easter to everyone, together with her hubby Offset and their gorgeous baby girl, Kulture.

But while some fans praised the photo and the fact that the family sticks together, there were some people who were not here for this at all.

The reason? Well, they said that if Offset doesn't plan to have pics with all his kids especially for the Holidays, he should not have any pics at all.

Here's the photo shared by Cardi B below.

'Happy Easter from mines to yours ❤️' Cardi captioned her post.

Someone wrote 'where are the rest of the kids? you barely see them together.'

Another follower posted 'Some men are a trip, now he acts like he only has one kid...if you can't spend time or post other kids don't post any especially on holidays.'

Anyway, not all the comments were hateful, and a lot of people praised the family and wished them all the best.

Someone said 'Some people wish for this life 😫. Married, a Kid & Grammy Winning Mommy !!!🙌🏾'

Another follower noticed something about Kulture's dress: 'omg Kulture's dress has the same flowers has your pregnant dress a few months ago.'

Anyway, overall Cardi B is living her best life since she got back together with Offset and especially since she gave birth to their baby girl, Kulture.

Cardi And Offset turned up the heat to the maximum with their latest video together .

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