Cardi B And Offset Spotted At Big Party With No Masks - Social Media Isn't Happy

Cardi B And Offset Spotted At Big Party With No Masks - Social Media Isn't Happy
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While Cardi B is certainly a fan favorite, she and her husband, Offset , aren't free from public scrutiny, even if it's from their own fans. Page Six picked up on a series of social media posts from Cardi this weekend in which it looked like she and her man were getting ready to party.

The outlet claims Cardi actually gave Offset a Lamborghini this Monday night, and then it looked as if they were partying in a very packed nightclub. More importantly, the publication pointed out that they were in a nightlife establishment without masks nor social distancing.

In case you missed it, Cardi shared a post on her Instagram this weekend in which she promoted a party that she was throwing for her 29-year-old husband. The video features Cardi, looking very sultry, sauntering her way into a bedroom where Offset is counting piles of money.

Additionally, Cardi B appeared to pay tribute to the 1998 movie starring DMX and Nas with the comment, "Belly Vibes." Then, on Monday evening, the pair of rappers went out on the town of Atlanta, Georgia, and Cardi wore a very revealing dress.

Another video of Cardi and Offset featured them without any masks among a ton of people, which is partially what led a lot of social media users to criticize them for not respecting the rules. However, as many of them may not know, separate states and municipalities have different rules.

Regardless of whether they followed the rules social media users think they should abide by, Cardi and Offset have found themselves under public scrutiny a lot over the last couple of years. The latest case of this was when they actually split up briefly and then got back together.

Cardi later addressed the break-up and said she had to call it off because they were always fighting and arguing. It didn't take long for them to get back together, however, which is part of what prompted her fanbase to criticize her.


It's not uncommon for Cardi B fans to suggest that Offset is always cheating on her, and she should find a different man.

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