Cardi B And Offset - Friends Don't Want Them To Divorce, Source Says

Cardi B And Offset - Friends Don't Want Them To Divorce, Source Says
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Rumor has it that Cardi B’s close friends are hopeful that she and her husband Offset will reunite for good after they were spotted on a vacation together. At least this is what an insider tells HollywoodLife!

‘Cardi’s inner circle is happy that she has softened towards Offset. The hope among Cardi’s team is that this reunion will stick. Everyone knows how much Cardi and Offset love each other, no one wants them to divorce.’

In fact, Cardi’s publicist, Patience Foster tried to avoid that by helping Offset when he showed up on stage to apologize in front of all her concertgoers.

A Twitter user by the name of Tariq Nasheed shared footage from backstage, showing her leading Offset on stage to surprise Cardi.

After Patience started to get a lot of hate online for it, Cardi defended her, saying that ‘She was trying to help a man that was telling her ‘Yo, I love my wife. Please help me get my wife.’ ‘Cause she told me what happened.’

But of course, as you know, him crashing her performance didn’t initially work since she sent her husband of one year away.

However, the source tells the outlet that it was not a complete failure since it got them talking.

Furthermore, the Migos rapper getting attacked on social media for it, gained him some sympathy from his wife and she got into ‘protective mode as it really hurt her to see him being hurt and that also melted some of her anger.’

Apparently, they are not officially back together, despite their Puerto Rico pics that suggested they were.

However, sources close to Cardi believe she’ll completely forgive him before the year ends.

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