Cardi B And Her Group Of Friends Allegedly Jumped A Stripper In A NYC Club - Fans Who Were There Tell All!

Cardi B And Her Group Of Friends Allegedly Jumped A Stripper In A NYC Club - Fans Who Were There Tell All!
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According to some Cardi B fans, the female emcee and a few friends supposedly got into a fight with a stripper at Angels Strip Club in NYC. They also allege that things got tense due to the fact that the said stripper was involved with her hubby Offset.

The pair was there to attend a party following a Migos tour stop with Drake.

The dancer was accused of being intimate with Offset and was apparently told not to take the stage when Cardi and Offset were there, but she did anyway.

As a result, Cardi along with her friends, who rumors say are linked to the Bloods, allegedly attacked the dancer.

Some say there was even video proof of the brawl going around online but all of a sudden, it disappeared without a trace.

But there are still many users claiming they were there when it happened and opening up about it on social media.

The stripper attacked is believed to be someone who goes by Baddie Gi.

The woman who according to her Instagram account really works there took to the platform to suggest there was, indeed, drama.

‘B**ches swear they did something we good,’ one Insta story said.

She also shared a pic of a stack of money and captioned it: ‘Y’all was so mad y’all ain’t want me to get on stage.’

The stripper went on to post: ‘Y’all pulled up with y’all coochies out throwing drinks and sh-t what’s tea? Cus y’all ain’t do nothing lmao. I think I need a new number.’

Finally, Baddie Gi denied her ‘sister’ ever slept with Cardi’s husband.

‘Y’all need to stop making up lies my sister does not f**k with Offset!!’

So it sounds like she is not the woman accused of getting involved with Offset but her sister is.

‘#IMayBeAJerkButAtLeast I will never fight a girl over a man like CARDI B and her team did last night at the Angel's club. The girl they beat is allegedly riding OFFSET's dick. SMH! #LevelUp,’ one fan tweeted about the incident.

‘She keeps coming for you sis you gotta go hard on a diss track her whole album was bout you n Remy tho ohh n Meek ??,’ another social media user commented.

‘She not talking about Nicki she talking about the chick Offset cheated on her with who she was trying to jump at Angels strip club last night in NY ?,’ someone also referenced the alleged incident.

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  • Carolyn
    Carolyn Aug 31, 2018 11:27 AM PDT

    Cardi B should be mad at Offset, not the other women. Fighting all the other women will only result in lawsuits stacked against her while he does whatever he wants, ridiculous.

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