Cara Delevingne's Fall From Grace Is A Reflection Of Her Difficult Mother's Background

Cara Delevingne's Fall From Grace Is A Reflection Of Her Difficult Mother's Background
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Cara Delevingne , an English model, jetted off to Paris last week to debut a capsule collection co-designed with the late Karl Lagerfeld. She arrived in Paris looking as stunning and confident as ever.

Even if only for the night. Even though Delevingne, now 30, didn't show up for the September 13 New York Fashion Week debut of the Cara Loves Karl collection, her fans were relieved to see her looking fresh and presentable.

The young woman photographed looking untidy at a LA airport earlier this month seemed to have undergone a complete transformation. After purportedly boarding Jay-Z's private jet and abruptly exiting 45 minutes later, she was spotted wandering while wearing dirty socks.

Delevingne returned to her signature style in Paris, posing in a black blazer dress with a plunging neckline, black boots, and bold scarlet lipstick.

Still, appearances can be deceiving. On the flight to Paris, Delevingne was accompanied by her publicist Katie Greenthal, a member of the "crew" that the model frequently mentions in her social media posts. Without my team and the people who believe in me and help me achieve my goals, I would not have anything to show for my life's efforts. So, as a team, we say yes!!! Much appreciation for your never-ending ability to think outside the box and encourage me. On Instagram, Delevingne once remarked, "There is a lot more magic to come."

The problem is that her support group hasn't been able to calm her down recently. The Post reports that insiders say Delevingne's Parisian beauty belies a long-running substance abuse problem. Delevingne has admitted to doing drugs before, but she hasn't said whether or not she has a drug problem now.

A source in London's fashion and modeling industry told The Post that a doctor buddy had informed him that intervention was being planned. Drug misuse by her mother has been common knowledge for a long time. They can count themselves lucky that her mother is still with them. Cara has been exposed to drug culture her entire childhood. Hers is a complicated family history.


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