Candace Cameron Bure Gets Body-Shamed And Her Response Is Simply Perfect!

Candace Cameron Bure Gets Body-Shamed And Her Response Is Simply Perfect!
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The Fuller House actress posted a pic of herself and her son Lex, 18, earlier this week and one troll decided to criticize her weight! But Candace Cameron Bure is not just going to take the hate without firing back, especially because she actually prides herself on her active and healthy lifestyle.

‘Nobu with @levvbure - celebrating a new direction,’ she captioned the photo that was taken after enjoying lunch together.

The hater not only body-shamed the 42-year-old actress but also confused the son with her husband of over two decades, Valeri Bure, going ahead and comparing their perceived weights in the pic.

‘All that exercising and you still look like you weigh more than your husband, did you change your diet?’ the social media user commented.

The actress slammed back by replying: ‘If a 25 inch waist looks big to you … then you are looking through an altered lens. Be well.’

Obviously, Candace is just as dedicated as ever to her workouts as just last month she took to her social media platform to share some of her exercises, which it is safe to say, looked strenuous!

In 2016, the star also shared her food diary with Cosmopolitan magazine so that the public could benefit from her tested diet.

Back then, she was eating primarily vegan, ‘with the exception of egg whites as well as the occasional piece of fish, in situations where there are no vegan options.’

When it comes to her physical exercises, she tends to prefer a combination of cardio and strength-training.

What do you think of someone as healthy as the Fuller House actress still getting slammed for her size?


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