Cam'ron Says Kanye West Is An "Uncle Tom" On His Newest Record

Cam'ron Says Kanye West Is An "Uncle Tom" On His Newest Record

Cam'ron and Kanye West have never been the greatest of friends. And due to Cam'ron's latest record, their feud is likely to only grow larger, considering the rapper really let Kanye have it for his support of the president, Donald Trump, which Ye recently rescinded.

On Cam'ron's new record with The Diplomats, Dipset Ties , the rapper says in the opening track, "Intro: Stay Down," clearly, that Kanye West is an "Uncle Tom."

“That Kanye only f**k wit’chu when no one else is f**kin’ with him,” the rapper says, before moving on to his criticism of the rapper's supposed bipolar disorder, which Cam'ron believes is a misdiagnosis.

With that said, Cam'ron will forever be a collaborator and supporter of the Roc-A-Fella co-creator, Dame Dash. In the past, both Cam'ron and Kanye worked together including on songs like "Gone."

Cam'ron has jabbed Kanye a few times, including in 2010, when he expressed his disappointment at not having Kanye provide a verse on one of his records.

However, later on, they appeared to move past all of that, appearing together on "Christmas in Harlem," from Kanye's collection, G.O.O.D. Music Fridays.

As it was previously reported, Kanye sparked the ire of nearly everybody in the hip-hop community, for his support of the president. During an appearence on NBC's Saturday Night Live , Kanye donned a "Make America Great Again," hat during his performance that was originally meant for Ariana Grande.

She dropped out at the last minute due to "personal issues," following her breakup with Pete Davidson, as well as the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, who died in September due to a drug overdose. Kanye then had lunch at the Oval Office with Donald Trump, where he spoke about American jobs, manufacturing, his family, and mental illness.

Despite his best intentions, he was widely shamed for his support of the Trump administration, which has been described as "racist" and "corrupt" by other celebrities and the mainstream media. Nevertheless, Cam'ron joins the likes of other figures in the music community, including Azealia Banks, Eve, and TI, who have all had their choice words for Kanye.

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