Camille Grammer - RHOBH Co-Stars 'Annoyed' With Her For ‘Causing Problems’ This Season

Camille Grammer - RHOBH Co-Stars 'Annoyed' With Her For ‘Causing Problems’ This Season
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It turns out that Lisa Vanderpump is not the only ‘undesirable’ on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season! One new insider report claims that Camille Grammer ‘has caused a lot of issues’ as well so her relationship with the other ladies is not the best either.

One source shared with HollywoodLife that ‘The RHOBH drama has been surrounded around LVP primarily this season, however, a lot of the other ladies feel like Camille has caused a lot of issues too.’

They went on to explain what exactly happened to cause this situation.

First of all, the drama news between Grammer and the other cast members is at the very least very surprising since most of them were in attendance at her wedding with David C. Meyer back in October in Hawaii while Lisa was generally criticized for skipping it.

‘Several of them are feeling annoyed with [Camille] doing whatever she can for airtime since being demoted to a friend of the wives,’ the insider told the news outlet.

As fans may remember, during season 1 and 2, Camille was a full-blown Housewife but ever since then, she’s been either a ‘friend of the Housewives’ or a ‘guest.’

So was she causing drama without any reason other than not to lose her spot on the show all together?

This is what the other ladies supposedly believe, and they are sick and tired of it!

‘Dorit and Camille go head to head a lot this season. And you’ll also see Kyle and Camille, who have been friends for years, beefing, reminding Kyle and some of the other ladies of their time in Season 1. Kyle’s BFF, Sharon will be on in a friend capacity this season, too, and Kyle has been wanting to get her on for years. She fits in nicely with all of the ladies,’ the source dished.


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