Camila Cabello’s Mom Cuts Her Bangs While In Quarantine And The Result Is Pretty Bad!

Camila Cabello’s Mom Cuts Her Bangs While In Quarantine And The Result Is Pretty Bad!
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During the coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine, it’s pretty much become a trend for people to DIY their hairstyles at home! That being said, Camila Cabello is the latest celebrity to go for it and while she got a little help from her mom when it came time to trim her bangs, the result was not much better than if she would’ve done it on her own!

Camila’s bangs had gotten way too long to see properly so she asked her 52 year old mother, Sinuhe Estrabao Cabello to help her out since no one really has any access to a stylist or barber these days.

While many have been cutting their own hair, it sounds like the singer did not really trust herself with the scissors, which is why she asked her mom to do it instead.

Unfortunately, the result was still pretty underwhelming as proven by her posts on IG stories.

It showed Camila with wet hair, her bathroom, a white towel wrapped around her.

‘Alright guys, so this is what it has come to. The bangs are just too long. Cannot go outside. I’m going to have to trust this woman. That is her with my bangs cause I cannot trust myself. They will look like mountains. Cause that is what I used to do in 7th grade, I’d cut my own bangs them and they would look like mountains. I've seen a lot of posts warning people not to do this. Let’s see how it turns out. Right now I looks like Snape but…,’ she joked.

The second clip she posted showed that her mom had gotten the bangs uneven, the left being a bit shorter than the right side.

‘Not great. She already f***ed it up. My bangs are not like this…short, longer, longer, shorter, longer…and she just horizontal-lined that s**t. So we’ll see how I look. If I look like f***ing Snape...,’ she updated her fans.

Finally, the third video had her admitting that it did not end up looking that bad and promised to show her followers as soon as the hair dried.

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