Camila Cabello Says She's Not A "Good Celebrity"

Camila Cabello Says She's Not A "Good Celebrity"
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Camila Cabello isn't certain if she's the greatest celebrity out there right now. In fact, she downright stated she's just not the type of girl to really embrace the "celebrity" image.

Following her win of third place on The X-Factor back in 2012 with her Fifth Harmony bandmates, whom she broke up with in 2016 to attack a solo career head-on, Cabello said she's not overly fond of being a celebrity at times; it definitely comes with hardships.

Camila said, "I just want to be a good artist," and "I just don't like it," following her announcement that she's entirely self-aware of the fact she's not the most social media savvy or actively involved in gossip and other tabloid subjects of the day.

Cabello said, "I don't want to be a great celebrity," and added that she's not. Thankfully, Camila will get a chance to really hang her feet up over the holiday season this year.

Over the Christmas holidays, Camila intends to relax with family and friends but won't take an extended vacation yet because she believes she hasn't earned the right.

When sitting down with reporters from Billboard Magazine, the "Havana" singer said that it seems like the five years she worked with Fifth Harmony didn't actually count.

The singer said it's just not the right time for taking breaks right now. Admittedly, however, Camila said she certainly likes the idea of taking time off, for instance, heading over to Spain or Italy and pigging out on food without any commitments or activities.

Recently, Cabello echoed those statements on Twitter when she told her following and fans that she wanted to get some much-needed rest in the coming months.

"Taking my first real break in 6 years," the singer added, saying that she intended to rest up for the next era of her life, likely referring to her status as a solo performer away from the confines of being 1/5th of Fifth Harmony.

Since Camila left, Fifth Harmony has continued to perform as a 4-piece group, saying in past interviews that they had no intentions of changing the name, despite Camila's departure.

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