Camila Cabello Opens Up About Her Struggle With Anxiety And OCD For The First Time In Touching Essay

Camila Cabello Opens Up About Her Struggle With Anxiety And OCD For The First Time In Touching Essay
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The singer wrote an essay for WSJ Magazine in which she opened up about her struggle with OCD and anxiety throughout the years. Camila Cabello admitted that she did not want others ‘to find out that [she] felt weak’ but now, it sounds like she is ready to get candid about her mental health.

The star sharing this part of herself that fans have never seen before was meant to happen now since it’s Mental Health Awareness month.

Camila made it very clear that what she posts on social media is not always what really happens in her life.

She detailed her battle with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder in her essay as well, sharing that: ‘Here’s what there ​aren’t​ pictures of from the past year: me crying in my car talking to my mom about how much anxiety and how much OCD I was experiencing. My mom and I in a hotel room reading books on OCD because I was desperate for some relief. Me experiencing what felt like constant, relentless anxiety that made day-to-day life painfully hard.’

The Havana songstress explained that the reason why she never shared this part of her life with other people other than her closest ones was that she felt ‘embarrassed and ashamed’ and as if she was ‘at war’ with her mind.

Camila dished that ‘I didn’t want people who thought I was strong, capable and confident — the people who believed in me most — to find out I felt weak. The little voice in my head was telling me that if I were honest about my mental health and my internal battles (i.e. being human), people would think that there was something wrong with me, or that I was not strong, or that I could not handle things.’

After a long time of suffering, Camila finally accepted that she needed to seek help.

That being said, she’s been doing a lot of meditation as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, breathing exercises, and more and now, she feels the ‘healthiest and most connected to myself [she's] ever been.’

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